Welcome and thanks for your interest in the Go2Locals community. Our aim is to connect local people and travellers seeking authenticity. As a HOST, you can turn this passion of yours into something more. A HOST can offer one or multiple “experience(s)” to traveller in exchange for a pre-defined fee. Being a HOST, we believe, is a fun way to share your passion for certain activities, your city and its culture. We hope that you will enjoy your experience and make new friends along the way…


Once you decide to become a HOST and list an “experience”, you register and create an account. From your profile page, follow the link and instruction. Fill in the boxes, put up nice pictures and your up!


On a GUEST’s point of view, the perfect “experience” is the one that reflects the spirit and customs of your city. An “experience” is a combination of discovery, culture, human relationship and fun. Give your GUEST a story to tell when they come back home!


The price you ask for an “experience” is fully at your discretion. However our recommendation is to evaluate the value of what you are offering versus what your GUEST can get for that money in the city you live in. The more “fair” is your pricing, the more attractive you become for a GUEST looking for an “experience”. You can re-adjust your price at anytime or offer different pricing for different group size.


In case you have additional questions, you can visit our FAQ page or send us your questions. Details on our CONTACT

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